Top ten Toy safety tips be safe when purchasing a new toy see recommendations

Top Ten Toy Safety Tips

toy safety tips

1. Pay close attention to age recommendations on toys and choose one according to a child’s age, interest and skill level.

2. be aware of safety labels such as “Flame retardant/flame resistant” or “Washable/Hygienic materials” on dolls and stuffed toys.

3. Always get rid of plastic wrapping from a toy straight away as this can be very harmful for children.

4. Don’t allow young children to have toys with small parts as they can be a choking hazard.

5. Always inspect toys before giving them to your child check for sharp edges, or anything that may cause harm to a younger child.

6. Make sure older children don’t leave there toys in a place where younger children can get hold of them.

7. Check toys on a regular basis for damage if damaged throw them away as they may become dangerous to a child.

8. Make sure your child has a safe place to play with there toys and supervision of them playing will give you peace of mind.

9. Teach your child to keep there toys in a safe place once they have finished playing so that nobody trips or falls over toys left lying around.

10. Toys with ribbons or cords should not be placed in a crib or playpen as small children can become entagled.

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