Tiny Tears doll first introduced in 1950, The Ideal toy Company bought the doll in 1968

Tiny Tears Doll

The tiny tears doll dates back to the 1950’s and she is still popular today.

Her distinguishing feature was her ability to shed tears from two small holes on each side of her nose when her stomach was pressed after being filled with water from her dolls baby bottle.

tiny tears doll 1950's

Tiny Tears Doll “Rock-a-bye” Eyes

In 1959 Tiny Tears acquired “rock-a-bye” eyes that slowly closed when she was laid horizontally and gently rocked.

Tiny Tears was sold in a pink-and-white checked dress or a romper with a baby bottle and a small pipe that blew bubbles when filled with a soapy solution and inserted into the doll’s open mouth.

Tiny Tears became one of the most popular dolls of the 1950s.

Her success was due in part to television ads featuring a young Patty Duke that aired on popular children’s shows such as the highly influential Ding Dong School with Miss Frances.

The Tiny Tears doll mold was sold to Ideal Toy Company in 1968.

Tiny Tears is still a popular doll today with little girls, she has now become more interactive with sounds and is able to wet, cry, and do what a real baby doll should do, be just like a real little baby.


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