Making dolls clothes from an old sock designer clothes for dolls

making dolls clothes from an old sock

My daughter wanted some different clothes for her doll so I decided to try making dolls clothes from an old sock, It was very easy to do and some of the clothes I made her looked really cool.

Firstly all you need to make the clothes is an old sock and a pair of scissors, put the sock alongside the doll to choose the length you require and cut the sock all the way across at that point, at the top of the sock cut out two holes about 4cm from the top on either side, allow a larger measurement for larger dolls.

I have made a video to show the process of making dolls clothes from an old sock below.

Also you can cut off the toe section to make a hat works better on larger dolls, cut a strip of sock material left over to make a scarf, and a thin strip to make a belt.Then if you want to sell this as a product you could always start a website and hire an award winning digital marketing agency to promote your product and optimise your website to get sales for your customised doll.

Designer clothing for dolls from an old sock cool eh !!

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