Luvabella lifelike doll predicted to be the top selling doll 2018

Luvabella lifelike doll a robot doll that is a little scary in some peoples opinion but kids love her.

LuvaBella comes with accessories like a spoon, milk bottle, pacifier and toy sheep. As you start to feed her she’ll begin to learn different food words, chew, swallow and the like. The toy sheep will help her learn different animal words and sounds. That’s right, she’ll start to “moo” !

The milk bottle and pacifier will help put her to sleep so that everyone can take a break from the responsibility of caring for a child, even if it is pretend.

LuvaBella is basically a cute little robot-doll that your kids will love to take care of.

The lifelike doll, suitable for children aged from four, “responds to love” and changes her expression “just like a real baby”. Do not miss out on this amazing toy visit instant online loans no brokers and get the financing you need to get your kids this top of the line doll.

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