Latest craze Squishy toys Children love them! Squishy toys are adorable

Have fun with Squishy toys

Firstly Squishy toys are adorable and come in all shapes, sizes and colours, the latest craze squishy toys children love to compare them at School playtime.

What is a squishy?

A squishy is a soft toy made from foam when squished it slowly transforms itself back into its original shape, squishy toys are a brightly coloured toy and are available in many variations.

Squishy toys range from Animals, pineaples, cakes, coffee cups, ice creams and many more.

I think because they are so cute and squishy children just love to squish them over and over watching them transform back to shape!

The squishy toys have become a talking point on the School playground just like the fidget spinner did before becoming a latest craze last year.

See some examples of squishies below

Galaxy Deer Scented Squishy


Galaxy Deer Cream Scented Squishy Slow Rising Squeeze Strap Kids Toy Gift

  • SLOW RISING SQUISHY – A slow rising squishy with super cute galaxy deer design.
  • MULTIFUNCTION – Hirsrian Squeeze Toy is a great toy for your kids and could be a killing time toy and stress reliever when you have nothing better to do or you get upset or stressed.
  • SOFT TOUCH – Cream scented cute deer is soft touch, and it is so cute shape that could attract your baby’s attention.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Our Cute Deer is made of PU foam, which is safe, non-toxic and environmental friendly. It does not harm for children, and it is suitable for both kids and adults.

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Jumbo Ice Cream Cat Squishy


Squishy Jumbo Colourful Cute Galaxy Ice Cream Cat Scented Charm Slow Rising Squeeze Stress Reliever Toy Decompression Toy Soft Toy.

  • Ice cream Cat jumbo Squishy Rainbow ,Scented Kawaii Cute & Soft Slow Rising & Scented squishy
  • Foam environmental protection materials,Slow rising memory foam, after you squeeze it, it will slow rise and dense back as normal.
  • WARNING: Children under 3 years old should be monitored by parents, to avoid accidental swallowing (Squishy products are inedible).

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Pineapple Squishy


Pineapple Squishy Stress Relief Soft Toy for Kids and Adult

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Squishy Panda Jumbo size


Panda Squishies Jumbo, Scoolr Slow Rising Squishy Slice Kawaii Squishy Panda Toy Cream Scented Slow Rising Hand Wrist Toy

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Squishy dog ice cream


Squishy Slow Rising Toys Squishies Soft Squeeze Scented Toys Puppy Ice Cream 5.9”

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Jumbo Rainbow Dolphin Cake Cream Scented Slow Rising Toy Soft Cute Squishy

This very colourful Squishy Cake is a great Jumbo Squishy for a party gift, birthday, Christmas or simply to say I love you, any child would be thrilled to recieve this Jumbo Cake squishy.

Very bright colours with a beautiful rainbow beach and sea scene with a swimming dolphin.

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Where did Squishies come from?

The squishy toy itself originally came from a similar product the stress ball, Squishies are manufactured into many different shapes and sizes, and are often modeled after food or other fun inanimate objects.

They are popular with children and adolescents and are used to relieve stress by squishing the toy and watching it reform into its original shape, there are different variations of the squishy slow rising squishy, fast rising squishy, Jumbo squishies and standard.

As you can see they are so cute and adorable the latest craze squishy toys are going to become one of the best toys for 2018 and beyond.

A perfect gift for any child squishies certainly make you smile and laugh as they expand back into shape.

Squishies also have a stress relieving aspect just like the fidget spinner mentioned above as they are so tactile.

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