Halo Board extreme sports toy can you keep your balance?

Halo board extreme sports toy review what an amazing piece of technology, this well designed toy will give you plenty of thrills and spills!


HALO BOARD ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD – Get the thrill of your life with the Halo Board LongBoard.

SMART HALO ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Adaptive Halo Sensors recognize your riding behavior and self balance the board even as you speed.

WIRELESS BLUETOOTH – Pair and play music over the Halo Speakers with your Bluetooth Device. Integrated Halo Speakers provide fine-tuned acoustics for clarity, breadth, and balance.

CERTIFIED SAMSUNG BATTERIES – Halo Board electric skateboards are built with Samsung battery cells ensuring you protected, steady power for years.

LED Lights – designed to turn heads, the awesome glow of the Halo Board electric skateboard will light your path and show you off. Range: 15 km | Speed: 16 km/h | Weight Limit: 120 kg | Hill Grade: 18 percent | Charge Time: 1 hour.

16 KM/H ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD – Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you’ll be able to feel the excitement each and every time you ride. It’s an experience like no other.

BLUETOOTH & LED LIGHTS – Enjoy the feeling like you’re in space with music blasting from your Halo Board. Cool LED Lights light up everything in this electric skateboard’s path.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – The usage of Lithium batteries and advanced Halo Self Balancing Sensors, we have turned the Halo Board into the most advanced electric skateboard.

EXCLUSIVE 20 CM WHEEL CARVES LIKE A SNOWBOARD – Snowboarders, skiers and surfers will be in heaven riding on an 8 inch one wheel design. Experience the rush of feeling like you’re in space with the Halo Board. Riders can’t stop smiling as they blast off into a different dimension on this electric skateboard.

OFFICIAL HALO BOARD HOLOGRAM – Each and every Halo Board Electric Skateboard is hooked up with a special hologRAM and unique serial number to make sure authenticity.

Overall the Halo Board is a fantastic cool thing to own and have fun with all your friends.


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