My first Scalextric set Christmas present fun beyond all dreams!

Remembering my first Scalextric set

I will never forget my first Scalextric set it consisted of a large track, power supply, Chicane curves, barriers and two mini cooper cars red and yellow with a chequered top.

I recieved this Scalextric set by my mother one Christmas at the age of 9yrs old, my eyes lit up as I opened the Christmas wrapping to see the picture on the box, I was so excited I wanted to set it up and play with it straight away.

After building the track and clipping on the barriers I couldn;t wait to show my friends and to race the mini cars around the curcuit.

I would get the cars to broadside as they went around corners and one piece of track had a cross over where you would crash your cars if you didn’t speed up or slow down as 2 cars sped along a straght piece of track.

Myself and my friends would have great fun with this racing set toy for many years, we would swap cars, paint up old cars, make stadiums out of cardboard and put boxes under the track to make ramps that the cars would jump in the air then land and keep going.

Scalextric sets are still as strong today as they were so many years ago, I am sure with the popularity of motor sport such as Formula 1 and Rallying little boys eyes would light up the same way that mine did.

Over the years Scalextric sets have been released in many racing platforms, Formula 1, Rally Cars, Touring Cars, Bicycle racing, Karting and many more.

So if you are now a parent as I am and you are looking for a special gift idea, think of purchasing a Scalextric set it will bring Joy, excitement and most of all fun to the lucky child recieving it.

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