Feber Dareway 12volt Kids ride on toy review Dareway is an upright powered scooter for kids

Feber Dareway Review

Dareway is a standing two-wheeled motor scooter that is comparable to a children’s version of the Segway.

Made by Feber, a subsidiary of Italian toy company Famosa, Dareway is an upright powered scooter for kids that is analogous to the adult Segway.

Dareway is motorized by an internal 12 volt battery, and features a bulky 2.5 foot platform which lends itself to the balance and stability of children. Acceleration, which reaches a speed of 3.7 mph, it is controlled by a foot pedal on the platform.

Dareway can be steered to the left or right by a pair of push buttons on each side of the raised mechanized podium. Maintaining a grip on a single handle button will cause the Dareway to spin in a directional 360 degree motion, while pushing both handles simultaneously causes the Dareway to move in reverse.

The Feber Highlights

Foot pedal accelerator controls forward motion
Handle-grip buttons permit left and right turns, 360° spins and reverse motion
Travels up to 3.7 mph in forward and reverse
Sturdy platform provides stability. Interested customers can get cash loans no guarantor needed.
Molded-in treads on the tires deliver traction during operation
Customizable design and an included sheet of decals let kids personalize the scooter and express their personalities.


Holds 1 rider up to 89 lbs.

Depth: .62 M

Height: .645 M

Width: .51 M

Age Range: 3+

Assembly: Part Assembled

Experience Level: Beginner

Maximum Weight (in kg): 50

Speed Limit (in Miles/hr): 4

faster speed up to 7km/h

battery gauge with leds light indicator bar

phone support in handle bar, speakers and jack connection

handlebar can be easily adjusted in 3 positions to facilitate transport

360 degree spins

forward & reverse gear

rechargeable battery

foot accelerator & electric brake

Warning: Adult supervision at all times. Not suitable for children under 3 years

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