Best Bath toy for boys who don’t like bathtime!

Why choose the Best bath toy for your boy

Bathtime is fun for some children where as other children hate the thought of bathtime, firstly a great way to get your child to enjoy bathtime is to allow them time to play.

Best Bath toy for boys
Bath toys will help you to achieve this especially if your child loves the toy, he will want to take a bath simply to play with toy making bathtime a fun experience rather than hating the fact that he may get soap in his eyes while having his hair washed for example.

Our research has found that most boys love to play with boats in the bath, even if you use bubble bath you will find them making channels and islands out of the soap suds to steer the boat through, a boy will have great fun at bath time with a boat so which type would be considered the best boat at bathtime.

All children are different so choosing a boat is a parental choice based on there knowlege of there child.

A boy may be inspired by pirates so a bathtime pirate ship would be a great choice, alternatively he may like a certain film or TV show that has boats in it.

There are many types of boats ranging from rubber dinghy boats, Ships, Canoe’s, Battleships, Speed boats and more.

Some boats are propelled by a battery operated propellor or others are simply push along, whichever type of boat you choose, I am sure you will find that bathtime will become a time that your boy will look forward to and enjoy his bathtime fun! (before getting soap in his eyes when washing his hair!)

See our range of bath time toys all of which help to make bathtime as much fun as possible.



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